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The Exorcism Chronicles


Synopsis The Exorcism Chronicles

“The Exorcism Chronicles” is based on “Journey to the West” but takes a different approach, portraying Jiang Liu’er and his three disciples as exorcists rather than seekers of scriptures. The author’s interpretation of “Journey to the West” can be seen as advocating justice, championing small acts of kindness, fearlessly opposing authority, and embracing freedom. Along the way, the four disciples unite in their shared goals, combating demons and monsters such as the White Bone Demon, Sea Monster, Nine-Headed Worm, and others, all in the name of justice and protection rather than enduring the trials necessary for obtaining scriptures.

Simultaneously, the series responds to the significance of scripture seekers and exorcists, suggesting that achieving ultimate enlightenment is vast and boundless, while attaining smaller victories is tangible and grounded. Jiang Liu’er and his disciples choose the latter path, with Jiang Liu’er often remarking to the Buddha, “I’m just a freelance monk,” signifying their divergence in paths.


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